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NEW Massive 3D characters library - Illustrationz [pre-sale] 🀯

Hey, ThreeDee community! πŸ‘‹

I am so excited to share the big news with you! πŸ₯°

We are releasing a MASSIVE 3D ILLUSTRATIONS library with 160+ Millions combinations of 3D characters! 😲

It took us 2 years to get to this point - we applied everything that we've learned to our new library - ILLUSTRATIONZ.

Fun fact: We worked for more than 1 year to finish this library.

What is inside? πŸ“¦
There are different packs of 3D characters:
- Adults pack
- Kids pack
- Elders pack
- Pets pack
- source files, assets, facial expressions, poses, outfits, we will render thousands of PNG files again, tutorials, randomizer,... and so much more! ❀️

Pre-sale πŸ’°
This is a pre-sale phase, where you can pre-order packs with better pricing.
There won't be any other discount on the packs in the upcoming months.
This is the best deal.

When they will be launched?
Expected releases:
Adults 10th May,
Kids 10th June,
Pets after 20th June,
Elders after 1st July
(but it can be sooner, too.)

Check the library

Sam from ThreeDee ❀️


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