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❀️ New 3D animal for FREE & other updates

Hello, ThreeDee community! πŸ‘‹

We've just added a new 3D fully rigged animal Quokka into our ANIMALZ collection ❀️
Lip sync for easier "talking animations" included.

This animal was sponsored by Trisha from Quokka Creative.
Thank you, Trisha! πŸ₯°

There are 7 fully rigged animalz in the pack and the price remained the same.

Get inspired 🎨
I added new UI designs to our showcase on our page

Do you want to get a cool 3D animal for a few bucks?
For $70 we can create a fully rigged animal for you & others

Is any pose/object missing?
No worries, we will do them only for just $5 each and add it to the library

This is a win-win strategy as you can get extremely cheap 3D models from us and we can extend our library/libraries.

Interested? ✍️
Feel free to reply to this e-mail

❗ Maybe you missed ❗
We launched a big library of 3D characters - the ILLUSTRATIONZ Adults pack and currently working on the KIDZ pack which you can still pre-order. For more updates see the changelog.

Have a great day ❀️
Samuel from ThreeDee


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Custom 3D service is open - now! πŸ₯³

Free updates of our libraries πŸŽ‰

NEW - ICONZ 2 is here πŸŽ‰

Winners Announcement πŸ†

Last call πŸ”΄ CHARACTERZ 2 -> 30% off + other discounts

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