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ICONZ 2! πŸš€ Pre-orders are open

Hello, ThreeDee community! πŸ‘‹

I am so thrilled to share with you our newest amazing updates!

We are working on the new ICONZ 2! 😍
Hand-crafted 200+ 3D icons - source files, PNG files, and tutorials included!
A beautiful addition to all of our libraries

Best part? -> The pre-order phase!
Now you have an opportunity to pre-order it for an amazing price - $19 (cheaper than dinner)
Those who have ICONZ 1 - get a 50% discount - so only $9 for an upgrade (cheaper than launch) 🀯

Pay once, use thousand times.

What more? πŸ‘‡
Now you can order a custom icon (the style will fit ICONZ) for just $5
If you order 10 at once, it will be $3 each - $30 in total! πŸ’₯

Then we will put these icons into the library for everyone.

This is the best offer in the whole 3D market! 🌎

How to proceed?
1. Pay the amount (depends on how many icons you want) here
2. Write me at and show me your idea

Note πŸ“
This pre-order & deal are valid only for 7 days! ⏱️
Estimated release: 18th June

Have a great day! ❀️
Sam from ThreeDee



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