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Huge announcement πŸŽ‰ ThreeDee & NFT

Hello, ThreeDee community!πŸ‘‹

I am thrilled to announce that we took over citizenzNFT project πŸŽ‰

Long story short: From now on, I will take the lead, and I will work with developer Nick Junes, who has been in the NFT since 2017. The original team gave up, and because our CHARACTERZ library inspired the art of the project, it was a logical step for us.

I believe digital ownership just came. Customers are not only consumers but can be day to day part of the project they like. From the founder's point of view, there is a massive opportunity for innovation because nobody knows anything. It will be a more fun part of ThreeDee, like the new vertical. ThreeDee & citizenzNFT will benefit from each other, making both projects better.

Links to the project.

If you are interested more in the rationals behind it, here is my tweet:

I love to create and be among creative people. I am happy to connect with anyone passionate about NFT. Right now, you know a founder behind the project who is trying to bring some innovation in the space. Finally, we will have some excuse to do short 3D animated clips ;)

Have a great day & stay creative!
Sam from ThreeDee


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Trully disgusting

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