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Free updates of 3D libraries for you! 😍

Hello, ThreeDee community πŸ‘‹

We recently updated our 3D libraries:
βœ”οΈANIMALZ - we added a cute, fully rigged turtle in 6 poses + new 3D objects. 
βœ”οΈEMOJIZ - we added a new animated unhappy 3D emoji. 56 animated 3D emojis are in the pack. 
βœ”οΈCHARACTERZ 2 - we rendered outfits in all 39 poses.
You can see all the updates here.

In case you missed
We launched CHARACTERZ 2 - we brought some cool features like face rig, new poses/3D objects/outfits, and much more. 

Our future:
πŸ”œ We plan to bring kids as an addon to CHARACTERZ 2.
πŸ”œ We are building new types of bodies of CHARACTERZ 2 - fit/chubby/... and we will bring new outfits with them
πŸ”œ Until the end of the year, we will launch a new HUUUUUGE library - our the most prominent library. We have worked for one year already on that. 
And much more...

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What should we work on next?
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Have a great day πŸ™

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