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Free update of 3D CHRACTERZ for you ❤️

Hey, ThreeDee community 👋

We added 6 various 3D scenes to Characterz 2 library - the biggest 3D library in the world.
If you have Characterz 2, they're yours for free.

I created a short video about this update 🎥

I mentioned 2 plugins in the video and asked founders for a discount for our community. So far founder of Play-Doh has given us 20% off just for us (Disclaimer: we are not associated with them, and it was not paid promo. I just thought they could be cool add-ons for you).

More information can be found in the "Scenes" folder, which you can download on Gumroad.

Ask for little help:
We launched HEADZ on Product Hunt. It will mean a lot to me if you support us!

Personal note 📓:
I hope everyone is safe during this madness that is happening in Ukraine. I was born only 100km (62mi) from the Ukraine border and it is hard to believe what is happening there. I would love to collaborate with 3D artists from Ukraine so that we can create some interesting collaboration a raise some money. If you know about anyone, let me know.

What should we build next?
Vote and suggest here:

Thank you! ❤️


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Custom 3D service is open - now! 🥳

Free updates of our libraries 🎉

NEW - ICONZ 2 is here 🎉

Winners Announcement 🏆

Last call 🔴 CHARACTERZ 2 -> 30% off + other discounts

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