WORLDZ - build your own 3D city

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WORLDZ - build your own 3D city

0 ratings

Worldz is a 3D pack of low poly buildings, trees, vehicles, and other world assets, which help you build your custom city.

What is included? 📦
• 39 buildings & parks
• 6 vehicles
• 5 types of trees
• 14 other assets
... and it will grow

What will come next?
Plan to add new buildings.
The new tutorial is just for WORLDZ.
Now, what is the inside video?
And as always, I am happy to hear your needs in our Discord server and content to build what you need.

You can check the license here 📝

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at:

If you want to see more 3D libraries, check:

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