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Mass Export 2.0: Export Thousand Objects In Seconds from Blender

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Mass Export 2.0

Our Blender addon allows for the simultaneous export of multiple collections or objects, saving you time and effort.
You can easily export hundreds of objects with a single click, eliminating the need to export each object individually.

Supported exports

We currently support these export types: FBX, OBJ, MTL, GLTF, BLEND, JPG, PNG, MP4, and MOV.

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How does it work?

There are two ways how it can export files. It can export:

1. Collection as a whole: Add-on will merge the objects inside the collection and export the collection as a one object

2. Individual objects in collections: Add-on will export every object individually to any format you pick.

The exact structure of folders is created in Windows/Linux/MacOS.

Created folders following Collection and sub-collection naming

Mass Export Collections in FBX in seconds 

Choose a collection, and it will export sub-collections to the FBX file.

Mass Export Collections in OBJ + MTL in seconds 

Choose a collection that will export sub-collections to OBJ + MTL files.

Mass Export Collections in GLTF in seconds

Choose a collection, and it will export sub-collections to GLTF files.

Mass Export Blender files

It is possible to mass export Blender File into other smaller Blender Files.

Mass Export Render View

Choose a collection, and it will export sub-collections to render a view. It can be helpful if you want to show meshes on various objects.

Mass Render Sub-collections

Easily export the Collection to JPG/PNG/MOV/MP4 or any other picture/video format. It will respect the animation for every object separately or for a combined collection. This is great for rendering separate objects or for showing animations of separate objects at once.

Export Collection as a whole or objects individually 

You can choose if you want to combine objects of the collection into one object or export objects individually

Easily Choose a Collection that needs to be Mass Exported

It export Collection as well as its sub-collections

Do we need to keep an extra object in every export? Not a problem.

Choose collections included in every export—background, lights, cameras, etc.


Easily change properties in the addon. Other properties are respected from default.

Note 📝If you need to control more properties, please write enhancement to, and we will add it there.

Contribute ❤️

If you find a bug or have a feature request, please get in touch with me at

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Mass Export 2.0: Export Thousand Objects In Seconds from Blender

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