HANDZ 2.0 - Various 3D hands with gestures and sleeves

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Our popular HANDZ 3D pack is getting HUUUUGE upgrade! 🎉
➡️ This is the MOST extensive 3D library of hands in the world 🌎
➡️ This library is the only hand library you would need.
➡️ It's super simple to use and optimized for various use cases (animations, marketing materials, UI, apps, AR/VR,...)
➡️ Beautiful mesh optimized for gaming or animations
➡️ Diverse and inclusive pack (various color skins, prosthetic, female, male, elder, kids, chubby, chibi, alien ..). You can represent anyone.
➡️ You will find everything in the pack. Prepared for anyone who wants to use 3D. Those who are skilled in Blender or those who just want to use images.
and much more!

What is included? 📦
✅ 21 rigged hands (from male, female, chibi, throughout alien, robot, zombie to pig, turtle, or dragon claw)
✅ 76 poses (they support all UI hand movements, various iPhone/iWatch/Samsung mockups, etc...)
✅ 40 objects (e.g.: UI elements, star, money, key, card, iPhone, iPad, drink cup...)
✅ 22 accessories (e.g.: smart or classic watches, rocker wristbands, rings, bracelets, bandage...)
✅ 19 Sleeves (e.g.: suit, jumpers, military, leather, rocker, chef, biologist, tattoed...)
✅ 7,000 PNG files of hands (yes!)
✅ Blender Beginner tutorial

License agreement 📝

If you have any questions, reach out to me at:

👉 Join our Discord server and show your work to us :)

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HANDZ 2.0 - Various 3D hands with gestures and sleeves

0 ratings
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