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Cropper: Autocrop PNG files

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Cropper: Autocrop PNG files

1 rating

Cropper is a fantastic mini-tool for Windows and macOS we created that will help you auto-crop images in bulk. It can handle thousands of pictures in a matter of a minute.

Why use it?
✅ it helps reduce the size of the PNG images. And in bulk, it counts
✅ it is easier to use PNG files in various apps. Imagine using 5 PNG files that have white space. It isn't enjoyable to work with them. Crop them :)
✅ it works for folders and subfolders so that you can run it on millions of images simultaneously
✅ intuitive UI
✅ Don't need to upload and then download hundreds of images from online tools
✅ No restrictions on how many PNG files you need to crop
✅ We respect your privacy. Everything happens locally, and it is as private as it can be
✅ You can add prefixes or suffixes in bulk

Moreover! 🎁
We offer a 50% discount for those who bought any 3D library from us. We value you, and this is a gift :)

Your voice matters to me 💬
I would love your feedback on the tool, even if you don't buy it. I want to help you decrease your tedious tasks as I believe it can save you some hours of work or frustration at most negligible.

Please let me know at

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You will get Cropper 1.0 which you can use without restrictions.


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