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Characterz for Unity: Beta Testers

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Hello, ThreeDee community! πŸ‘‹

Amazing news! πŸ“£
We are getting into Unity with our CHARACTERZ library.

We are opening 10 spots for beta testers at significantly better pricing.
We plan to add everything that was created in the Blender to Unity.

The plan is to make it as easy as possible to take our 3D characters and put them into VR, AR, or in any game created in Unity.

Currently, we are in the middle stage and I would love to hear your opinion on what is missing or should be improved to be an amazing library for you and others.

What is included in the beta version now:
βœ… Rigged 3D characters - Male
βœ… 8 Predefined Facial Expressions (you can define your own)
βœ… Vicemes or ARkit Face Blendshapes will be supported
βœ… Hair Styles (24 for male + 2 beards)
βœ… Shirts (8 for male,)
βœ… Pants (7 for male)
βœ… Shoes (8 for male)
βœ… Outfits (19 for male)
βœ… Accessories (7 for male)
βœ… 13 Types of Eyes

So what will be included?

πŸ”œ Prefabs (so the working with the character is faster)
πŸ”œ Rigged Female with all the assets from Blender
πŸ”œ Masking improved
πŸ”œ Anything from your feedback

Have an amazing day! ❀️
In case of any questions, please reach out to me at samuel@threedee.design

Check our other 3D libraries or custom 3D work at:

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Characterz for Unity: Beta Testers

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