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AVATARZ 2: cute 3D avatars

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AVATARZ 2: cute 3D avatars

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AVATARZ 2 is a lovely 3D library of diverse avatars for any of your projects. You can use them in your products or for marketing purposes (social media posts, landing pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.). Or if you want - for your personal use.  

What will be included? 📦
• male & female
• I will render 10,000+ PNG files with a brand-new lighting setup. Works for light & dark UI
• 18 types of clothes (8 for males, 10 for females)
• 17 outfits (e.g. chef, police officer, casual business, dress...)
• 36 hairs (24 for male, 12 for female)
• 2 beards
• 13 eye expressions (e.g.: winking, happy, stars, circle, ...)
• 8 facial expressions (e.g.: smile, sad, angry, smiley, ... )
• Various poses with 3D objects
• Lipsync
and much more! :)

This will provide you with millions of combinations of 3D avatars

— Blender source files

— Blender generator for easier manipulation with the avatar

Expected release - mid-February.


✉️ In case of any questions (or if you want a custom model avatar), please reach out to us

For more libraries, visit us at:

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You will get full version of AVATARZ 2 - PNG files, source files and tutorials

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